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1st Time Shoplifters can Keep Clean Record With Help of CEC

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"Utah Based - Corrective Education Company (CEC) is the leading provider of Restorative Justice Education programs in the nation. Shoplifting is one of the biggest burdens on society; the negative effects not only impact retailers with lost time and profit, but costs families and consumers thousands of dollars in higher prices, and further crippling our overloaded criminal justice system. Even more detrimental is the long-term, negative consequences for the offender who ofttimes commits the crime on a spur of the moment bad decision. CEC's passion is helping each individual who enrolls in its program to experience success in their lives, while still serving its retail and law enforcement partners.  CEC has touched thousands of lives across the nation through its uplifting education program giving them the 'will to change their behavior and the skills to live better'....

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Posted by CEC on Wed, Oct 01 2014 11:12:04

Arlington Police & Walmart

Arlington Police and Walmart Gain International Attention for Shoplifting Program

A program Arlington police launched with Walmart is producing results and freeing up time for officers to tend to calls of higher-priority.