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Arlington Police, Walmart Gain International Attention for Shoplifting Program

As Assistant Police Chief over Arlington PD's field operations, it's Kevin Kolbye's job to take a big picture look at the problems plaguing the community and come up with new strategies to eliminate them. 

Back in 2015, he noticed his officers were spending a lot of time responding to calls at big retailers like Walmart.

"When we started looking at crime drivers in Arlington, a lot of it was shoplifting and thefts," said Kolbye.

He says at its peak, officers made 89 arrests for theft / shoplifting at the three Walmart locations in Arlington in the span of about one month. That's problematic not only for the stores, but for the greater public safety.

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Posted by CEC on Mon, Nov 13 2017 10:05:20

Arlington Police & Walmart

Arlington Police and Walmart Gain International Attention for Shoplifting Program

A program Arlington police launched with Walmart is producing results and freeing up time for officers to tend to calls of higher-priority.