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CEC Connect

CEC Connect™ application brings the mobile world to Loss Prevention.

With its patented technology, the Connect™tool provides unprecedented 

opportunities for your business. 

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CEC Connect™ includes


Mobile Case Management

Quickly launch a mobile app that enables you to create, view and edit your incident reports on the go.


Say goodbye to paper reporting. CEC Timestamp™ feature allows you to run real-time location and time card stats by date, stores, region and employee. 

Increased Restitution

No more guessing- you can now be confident in the amount of restitution you receive for every case processed through CEC Connect™.

Time Savings

Decrease the processing time for petty theft shoplifting case to 25 minutes. Guaranteed! 




Welcome to the most powerful ROI tool in the Loss Prevention Industry

Even as retail shrinkage increased to $54 billion last year*, Loss Prevention professionals are being asked to do more with less... less funding, less information, fewer resources and a dwindling capacity in the criminal justice system. CEC Connect™ uses mobile technology and restorative education to help retailers reduce shrink at no cost, while changing lives and strengthening communities.

*Volumatic Kount US Retail Fraud Survey 2013


Why Corrective Education ?

More Time

LPRC study shows CEC's program saves 85% more time and $200 per apprehension.

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Less administrative time shows a 34% increase in productivity of agents.

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Customer surveys show a 50%-80% increase in financial restitution.

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Our Members Say

Arlington Police & Walmart

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A program Arlington police launched with Walmart is producing results and freeing up time for officers to tend to calls of higher-priority.