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CEC Inform 

CEC Inform™ is connecting Retailers and The Criminal Justice System across the nation. From one simple device you can communicate all the necessary information to assist in eliminating theft in your communities.


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CEC Informâ„¢ includes

Mobile Incident Tracking

Quickly launch a mobile app that enables you to receive, view and send your case reports on-the-go.


No more handwritten and paper reports. Now receive all reports electronically anywhere, anytime.

Stay Connected

Whether you're in the office or in the squad car, always be connected and in the know. 

Cost Savings

CEC's program has cut the number of times police respond to retail theft incidents by 60%. 

Geo Tracking

Understand what is going on in your community by having GPS enabled devices located in your retail locations.


Have visual data, analytics, and mobile leads in your local jurisdictions with CEC Inform™. 


CEC Inform™

Our court system, law enforcement and prosecutors are inundated with misdemeanor crimes while facing unprecedented budget cuts and reduced resources. These constraints and rising case loads are forcing law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to limit or eliminate the resources dedicated to responding to or prosecuting misdemeanor retail crimes. These challenges make it difficult for government officials to deter crime and effectively support their local communities.

CEC has a solution. CEC Inform™ is a no-cost Restorative Justice program that reduces the workload of government officials, increases offender accountability and strengthens and protects our communities.


Why Corrective Education ?


Professionalism - Top Senior team averaging over 20 years experience in retail loss prevention, legal affairs and technology/software solutions

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Reliability, Availability and Performance. (World Class Speed)


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89% of users rate the program as exceptional or good.


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