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CEC Refocus

Reducing recidivism requires individuals to think differently and have support as they change. Many solutions address one or the other element; CEC and RealVictory have teamed up to solve both. CEC classes teach new life skills. The RealVictory Phone Coach delivers support outside the classroom.

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CEC Refocus™ includes

Phone Coaching

Our CEC Coach's™ draw upon a variety of tools and techniques  to aim towards helping young adults identify and achieve personal goals.

Youth Mentoring

The CEC youth mentors provide daily follow-up along with the consistency needed to accomplish goals. 

Educational Technology

CEC is on the forefront of providing the latest educational technology available to young adults. 

Life Skills

CEC focuses on building life skills to affect behavior and appropriately help young adults manage their daily affairs.

Life Coaching

CEC Coaches™ draw upon a variety of tools and techniques for, positive development and an aim towards helping young adults identify and achieve personal goals.

Juvenile rehabilitation

Invested in restoring conditions of good health, hope and ability to make good decisions.


CEC Refocus™

CEC continues to reinvent the way petty crimes are handled while impacting juvenile recidivism. CEC provides the core education with a phone-coaching process that assists their personal action plan. Participants receive daily phone calls that encourage their progress, support their development and habits, and change their lives.  The calls are tailored to each individual’s unique circumstances.  The students also receive calls from their parents, guardians, mentors, and CEC Life Coaches.

The core of Refocus consists of extensive research done with juveniles to identify the most effective means of influencing their behavior. CEC teamed up with Brigham Young University (BYU) social science professors to generate the program content. BYU Psychology professor Sam Hardy said this about the program "CEC has sown together ideas from social sciences with practical wisdom to develop and implement a program with the potential to not only reduce recidivism but improve lives. I think students who put time and effort into this program will enjoy it, learn from it, and see benefits from applying it."


Why Corrective Education ?


Eights years of rigorous research conducted by Brigham Young University provides evidence that RealVicotry's program helps people make lasting pro-social change. 

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Rates drop by 57% when implementing both education and phone coaching program.

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Every opportunity possible parents will be involved in assisting their child in every step of the way.

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