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CEC Restore

CEC Restore focuses on developing practical skills that will help achieve social goals. The dual approach of addressing behavioral while promoting provident living helps motivate and reinforce change.

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CEC Restore™ includes

Phone Coaching

Our CEC Coaches™ draw upon a variety of tools and techniques to promote positive development and to help individuals identify and achieve personal goals.

Educational Technology

CEC is on the forefront of providing the most current educational technology which has been developed based on the principles of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT).

Life Skills

CEC is focused on building life skills that will affect behavior and appropriately help individuals manage their personal affairs.


CEC is invested in restoring conditions of good health, ability to work and hope for every individual we come in contact with.

Social Change

CEC focuses on educating students to understand their behaviors and help them invest in their transformation and progression. 


CEC's mentoring program provides our students with empathy, respect and wisdom while participating in our one of a kind program. 


CEC Restore™ Adult Education Program 

The foundation of the CEC curriculum utilizes a unique combination of cognitive exercises developed from principles of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT). 
The core “Values Clarification” model was designed to expose behavioral rationalization, the single greatest risk factor in anti-social (criminal) behavior. These exercises have been successfully deployed in thousands of group counseling sessions with misdemeanor offenders participating in court-ordered and pre-trial diversion programs for a wide array of misdemeanor offenses, including petty theft. It is estimated that more than one million offenders in the United States have completed the core curriculum since 1988. Offender recidivism as measured by numerous court-sanctioned, and district attorney audited studies has consistently averaged under 5% across more than 20 states during this period. 


District Attorney and court sanctioned assessments show recidivism rates below 5%


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Over 1 million individuals have gone through the core program.

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Positive View

99% of individuals offer a positive view of the retailer for allowing them access to CEC Restore™

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