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  • " Technology is our DNA, Education is our Core "
Helping our communities
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Retail Impact  
Click above to learn how Restorative Justice reduces retail shrink while giving back time to loss prevention officials.
Community Impact  
Click above to watch Bill Rathburn, former Chief of Police, discuss Restorative Education's positive impact on the community.
Individual Impact  
Click above to watch the founder of CEC discuss how Restorative Education improves livelihoods by offering first-time offenders a chance to right their wrong.
Restorative Justice for Retail Theft
CEC helps retailers with their restorative justice programs
  • Compliance: CEC’s legal reviews assures protocols address jurisprudential concerns, victims’ and offenders’ rights, and procedural issues.
  • Technology: CEC Connect™ qualifies offenders through a database of 50 billion records and meets the most rigorous security and privacy standards.
  • Recidivism: CEC’s educational programs not only addresses behavioral issues, but provide life skills and motivation for reintegration.
Putting time back on your watch
No more waiting for police or spending countless hours processing petty theft offenders. Studies have proven a 40% reduction in processing time when using CEC’s platform.
Preserving your budgets
CEC’s program is offender funded. The technology, database and professional services are all provided at little or no cost to the retailer.
Reforming generations
People are what matter most! CEC is continually reforming generations and changing lives, one day at a time.
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Thank you so much for having faith in me and motivate me to finish this class. I honestly learned so much. Your staff was very patient with me and I greatly appreciate this. Thank you so much!


I need to be accountable for my actions. This program has helped me create new values, attitudes, and goals. Good program to help achieve self-responsibility and self-worth.


This is a great program that I would recommend to all my family and friends. I enjoyed the program very much. I have learned an enormous amount of material, which will help me become a responsible person and help contribute positively to our society.


This course has changed my life. I respect others and myself. In other words, I learned to educate my hands and my mind. Delinquency doesn’t leave anything good. The only thing it leaves is embarrassment for my loved ones, and myself. And I love the CEC stand for being there for me.

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Arlington Police & Walmart

Arlington Police and Walmart Gain International Attention for Shoplifting Program

A program Arlington police launched with Walmart is producing results and freeing up time for officers to tend to calls of higher-priority.