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Hello. We’re CEC. 


We are building accountability that drives change, unites communities and promotes trust.


CEC, The Company

We are changing lives, making communities safer and restoring confidence between private and public sectors.



We uphold the highest ethics and help our partners and customers maintain their standards.


For more than two decades, CEC's life skills education program has restored opportunity and hope to individuals who have committed misdemeanor crimes. We also have an experienced team of professionals that fully understand the challenges that retailers, courts, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies are working to overcome. 


Our innovation solutions are helping retailers protect their businesses while reducing the time and resources required to stop retail theft. We creatively integrate new technology and thinking to fulfill our vision and deliver results for our customers.

Value & Service

Our education programs and proprietary incident intake and management system ensure that retailers receive the restitution and justice they deserve while offenders recognize their mistakes and are given the support and tools they need to correct their mistakes and change the course of their lives.


CEC understands the challenges facing retailers, courts, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies due to retail theft. We work with all parties, as well as security firms, parents and schools, to provide a successful, equitable and more efficient alternative to judicial prosecution.

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Arlington Police & Walmart

Arlington Police and Walmart Gain International Attention for Shoplifting Program

A program Arlington police launched with Walmart is producing results and freeing up time for officers to tend to calls of higher-priority.