What is CEC?

CEC has set the retail standard for Restorative Justice by increasing overall restitution dollars at no additional cost to retailers. CEC has provided retailers with a new way to process low risk offenders who are detained for retail theft. Our innovative education curriculum, mobile data collection technology, and law enforcement and prosecutor approved process saves time, reduces cost and increases restitution. Scroll to learn more!

CEC is...
Putting time back on your watch

No more waiting for police or spending countless hours processing petty theft offenders. Studies have proven a 40% reduction in processing time though our automated process.

Preserving your budgets

CEC’s program is completely offender funded. The technology, database and professional services are all provided at little or no cost to the retailer.

Reforming generations

People are what matter most! CEC is continually reforming generations and changing lives, one individual at a time.

CEC is your Omni Channel approach for Loss Protection

You spoke, we listened… Everything you need in one solution. You can always count on CEC to be your partner in providing you with all of the latest tools and technology to support your business needs.

The History of Loss Prevention

And CEC’s role in leading the change in loss prevention.

Mid 1734

One of the first department stores was established. Bennett's in Derby first established as an Ironmongers in 1734.


The first true mobile two-way radio was developed. The Victoria police were the first in the world to use wireless communicators in cars.


In the U.S. the first commercial closed-circuit television system became available.


EAS was introduced to the Retail Space.


Retailers in the 50 States of the United State have the authority under state laws, to demand civil damages by letter notice from apprehended shoplifters.


Restorative Justice is brought to the retail industry through the formation of Corrective Education Company.

July 2011

Shopkeepers statute is amended in the State of Ohio for CEC's Restorative Justice Program.

May 2012

CEC's Educational Material is Court Approved.

January 2013

CEC's Prime™ Package is Released into the Retail Space.

January 2014

CEC implements its CEC City™ program.

June 2014

CEC gains National Attention and is invited to speak at the National Retail Federation with leading retailer.


No one knew that criminal histories existed.

Early 1900’s

As traders moved into more spacious shops in the early 19th century, wealthier people started wanting shelter from rain, so shopping malls were developed.


Leon Theremin invented the first tool, which retransmitted radio waves with audio information. The evolution of RFID has continued since.

Pre 1970

Shopkeepers Privilege was written and common law allowed shopkeepers to detain a suspected shoplifter.


Undercover Loss Prevention Officers were hired to detain shoplifters.


Case management and Electronic Case Files where first implemented.


Litigation and overburdened system negatively impacts deterrent and recidivism. Criminal restitution declines.

September 2011

First National Retailer adopts Restorative Justice through CEC Connect™.

January 2012

CEC and MDM provider Air-Watch announce partnership.

May 2013

CEC creates its Fieldhouse where CEC Coaches™ assist people in changing their lives.

October 2013

Law Enforcement and City Prosecutors across the country endorse CEC's Restorative Justice Program.

May 2014

CEC Program is implemented in over 50% of the United States.

Restorative Justice for Retail Theft
Principles of Restorative Justice
  • • Justice requires that we restore those who have been injured.
  • • Those most directly involved and affected by the crime should have the opportunity to participate.
  • • The government and community have a role: to preserving justice, public order; and maintain peace respectively.
Restorative Justice for Retail Theft
Features of CEC’s Restorative Justice Program
  • • CEC’s legal reviews assures protocols address jurisprudential concerns, victims’ and offenders’ rights, and procedural issues.
  • • CEC Connect™ qualifies offenders through a database of 50 billion records and meets the most rigorous security and privacy issues.
  • • CEC plays a key role in restitution for retailers.
  • • CEC’s educational programs not only addresses behavioral issues, but provides life skills and motivation for reintegration.
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